BiomedAlliance, Inc. is a marketing firm that specializes in promoting life science research and development tools. Since 2003, we have helped more than 70 companies, many of them emerging technology startups, go on to become successful businesses in the field of life science research tools. These companies offer a wide variety of R&D tools ranging from instrumentation (PCR, cell counters, flow cytometers, spectrometers, robotics, microscopes, imagers, next-gen sequencing, and other laboratory equipment), reagents (antibodies, immunoassays, proteins and nucleic acids, media, western blotting, fluorescent agents, transfection reagents, arrays), and research services (genomics, proteomics, stem cell, sequencing, high-throughput drug discovery, analytic, clinical, diagnostic).

The foundation of our marketing services is holistic data management of life science knowledge and researchers. This data-driven approach parses enormous unstructured data sources, such as publications, articles, postings, funding agencies, and collaborations, to make sense of R&D scientists and their work by establishing a repertoire of semantics. When a life science R&D tools-maker perceives a niche market for a product or service, our goal is to allow her or him use a common language to describe it, zooming into packets of researchers linked to those semantics. Campaigns using these kinds of relevant targeting lists prove to yield higher response rates and are more sustainable. This improved understanding also opens an angle for fine-tuning personalized messages at the same cost it would take for a generic, large scale advertisement.

For many years we have practiced simple and reliable delivery techniques that work across marketing campaigns with different mediums. Furthermore, our technical know-how is available to our clients throughout the full cycle of a campaign. We make sure satisfactory sales growth and qualified leads acquisitions take the greatest priority. In fact, every piece of technology we apply must do the same.

At BiomedAlliance, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) adopts the same data-driven approach by adding analytics of contacts through linked semantics. An enterprise can take advantage of BiomedAlliance CRM to gain microscopic insight into relationships, history and trends, and expand a scientific arm to the reaches of a marketer