Life science research and development activities produce the life science R&D tools market. Central to the global community is a shared data source. Most publicly and privately funded projects are required to post their results. For-profit entities also increasingly provide open access to their data and intellectual property in light of the realization that sharing puts knowledge to work. For example, clinical and non-clinical data sharing is critical to push forward the fields of personal medicine, genomic medicine and healthcare. BiomedAlliance taps into this rich data and evolves a platform to integrate the participants of this arena; researchers welcome both the cutting edge advances and the tools suppliers's rapid growth.

BiomedAlliance services are quintessentially data consulting services applied in the life science R&D tools market space. The data-driven approach makes it easier to address three long standing questions:
1) Who uses this product and how can we find them?
2) What is the most cost-effective way to inform and acquire new leads?
3) How can we strengthen customer relationships and expand business based on their connections?